Ridgway Township Municipal Authority




Ridgway Township Municipal Authority
About Us

The Authority is a resale water supplier, they receive their water from the Borough of Ridgway thru six source meters which are located at Lookout Ave., Ridgway Drive, Waterworks Rd., Grant Rd., Rt. 120 and Gallagher Run. RTMA purchases their water in bulk and pumps it thru their distribution system to its customers. The pump station on Waterworks Rd. and the tank on Evergreen Dr. supplies water to the customers on Upper Laurel Mill, Fairview Hill Rd., Upper Grant Rd. and Montmorenci Rd.  The customers on Rt. 120 receive their water from the Borough Main which is metered at Arthur Ave. The customers on Ridgway Dr. receive their water from the Borough main which is metered at Ridgway Dr. The customers on Lower Grant Rd.. receive their water from the Borough main which is metered at Grant Rd. The customers on Boot Jack receive their water from the Gallagher Run pump station, Boot Jack tank 1 and Boot Jack tank 2. The water which is pumped thru our distribution system is checked frequently for contaminates and other reasons. The quality of our water meets and exceeds Department of Enviromental Protection regulations. 

The Ridgway Township Municipal Authority was incorporated in 1967 under the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, P.L. 382, as amended by the Township of Ridgway. The board is comprised of five appointed members.

  Water emergencies
should be reported to
        Elk Co. EMS @